Australia’s toughest gutter vacuum system

Power up your business with a gutter vacuum that just won’t quit. TradieVac starts at just $10/day and ships from stock.

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  • Best warranty
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A gutter vacuum that always starts will make sure your business does too

  • The best priced contractor vacuum in Australia
  • Unrivalled filter technology
  • Petrol powered turbines do a day’s work in an afternoon

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Turn uphill battles
into landslide victories


A powerful way to honest means

  • The highest airflow gutter vacuum in Australia
  • Makes quick work of even the most daunting worksites
  • The best warranty Australia wide

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Exreme Series Enduro Series
Ken Schafer

We’re here to help

Ken Schafer

Managing Director

Whether you’re starting out, diversifying your existing business, or adding new equipment to your growing business, give me a call. We can discuss your plans and ensure you have the correct tools for the jobs you’re chasing. I’ve been selling vacuums to the contractor market for the past four years and speak daily with people all across the country regarding equipment, marketing ideas, job quoting, and lessons learnt. Give me a call and let’s talk about how I can help.

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